In June 2017, I went to Uganda in search of who I was. I came back having been given so much more. Not only did the people bring back my confidence, but they also showed me a better way to live, having smiles and heart so big despite their situation; I saw first-hand children arriving at school with no shoes, torn clothes and stories that broke my heart. So I want to give back to them.

In Uganda school isn’t free and even at 150,000 UGX a term, equivalent to only £31.51 (according to 4760.17 UGX = £1), families still can’t afford for their children to go. They have to sacrifice what little they have to give their children a better start in life. It also means street kids have no chance of getting an education if they don’t have our help. That’s where the idea of walk300 came from.

Walk300 was a 300-mile walk from my university accommodation in Plymouth to Blackpool to symbolise the hardship a child has to go through simply get to school. And it was a success! For my first sponsored challenge we managed to raise over £2000. The walk was completed in 19 days after cramped muscles, blistered feet and exhaustion like no other! However, the people we met and the sights we saw along the way made the journey enjoyable despite the pain. I have to say though, the challenge would have not been the same without the support of my family; They walked with me, burst my blitters and provided me with hot chocolate sustenance at the end of a very long day. 

I want to say a special thank to those that donated; You made the journey exhilarating and the help you have given is going to put smiles on so many people’s faces so thank you.

If you want to know how the walk went, the preparation leading up to it and the challenges I faced, click the find out more button below.